Welcome To The Belfast Jazz Swing Orchestra

Formed in 1990 the “Belfast Jazz Swing Orchestra” is a 20 piece band dedicated to the performance and encouragement of the “Big Band” swing sound. The band is under the musical direction of Victor Currie and features the lead vocalist, Caroline Brown.

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Whether you’re a fan of Lindy, Swing, Waltz, or Jive,  the band guarantees an evening of music and entertainment that you can dance to.

Gary McK.

Likes Swing, Waltz & Jive

The band always plays a great selection of songs that are perfect for everyone who likes Lindy.
It’s great for dancers of all levels.


Likes Lindy

The band always includes a good selection of Latin numbers, especially when Caroline sings, so you can get in some Cha-Cha and even some Charleston.

Marie H.

Likes Waltz, Jive & Cha-Cha

It’s a rare treat to be able to listen to a Big Band with a great vocalist…and theres always the chance win something with the raffles and prizes.  

Simon & Margaret

Likes listening to the band

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